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Erotic-Secret, the number one gallery of its kind in the world and on the web contains erotic art and explicit sexual material and should not be entered by anyone under 21 or anyone that might be offended!

Hand Crank Vibrators

Hand crank vibrators were popular in the early 1900's for their lower cost and lack of need for a power source.


Adjustable medical vibrator, 'Veedee',
metal / wood, made by the Veedee Company, London, c. 1905
with original box and oil
excellent condition

Mechanical vibrators such as these were essentially massaging devices which could be easily used from home.
Rather than use electricity to power the heads the vibrator was hand cranked before placement on the skin.
It is good example of an early mechanical therapeutic device which was marketed from the 1890s to the middle of the twentieth century.

The ‘Veedee’ vibratory massager, produced around the turn of the 20th century by J.E. Garratt, 96 Southwark Street, London S.E., was not only used for MSK pain but also claimed to treat colds, digestive complaints and flatulence through ‘curative vibration’.
The name is thought to be a foreshortening of  Veni Vidi Vici’. (I came, I saw, I conquered), presumably with reference to pain and illness.

The device was marketed around the world. An interesting and amusing article relating to its use and the type of ailments that exponents advocated it for can can be found by visiting this page at the National Archive of Australia and viewing a newspaper report of a demonstration in Adelaide in 1914.


Le "Pulsoconn" est un appareil de massage par vibrations. La rotation de la manivelle se transforme en mouvements de va et vient rapides de la ventouse en caoutchouc. Circa 1880 - 1900.

Le nom anglais original de Pulscon a été modifié en français en Pulsoconn, sans doute pour être proncé -conne.


Vibromasseur manuel

acier et bois

circa 1900

Made from J.E. Garratt, New York.

Vibromasseur manuel

Japon circa 1880

parfait état de fonctionnement



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