Erotic-Secret, the number one gallery of its kind in the world and on the web contains erotic art and explicit sexual material and should not be entered by anyone under 21 or anyone that might be offended!
Erotic-Secret, the number one gallery of its kind in the world and on the web contains erotic art and explicit sexual material and should not be entered by anyone under 21 or anyone that might be offended!

Battery powered Vibrators

The first electric vibrator was invented around 1880 and was powered by a large and heavy battery. By 1900 battery powered vibrators were widely available to physicians for home and office use the early battery powered vibrators were also marketed for home medical use. Once electricity was commonly available in most homes the early battery powered units dropped off the market.


2 modèles "type sac à main"

This simple, streamlined style was designed for internal use and was one of the first to be openly marketed as a sex toy. The iconic, bullet shape is what many folks think of first when they hear the word "vibrator".

vibromasseurs de voyage dans leurs boites d'origine

très bel état

Usa circa 1950


 Electric Massage-Machine, Charles W. Kent, Jun 3, 1919,

Powered by a single "D" cell battery.
Although called a massage machine, this is really an electro shock or Faradic instrument



Ensemble complet et en bel état d'un autre nécéssaire de "voyage"

Tout en un pour Madame !

coiffure, massage, et sex-toy

Eskimo 750  1949
Bersted MFG. Co.
Bersted Mfg. Co.
Fostoria        Oakville
Ohio            Ont. Can.
Model 760    10 Watt
110-12-V. 60 Cycle A.C.



Ensemble comprenant des éléments de massage et des jouets intimes

boite d'origine

très bel état

Usa circa 1960

Prix:   120 euros


superbe et rare pièce dans son emballage d'époque

kit de voyage pour Monsieur, rasage, et pour Madame, vibromasseur de poche




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